To produce a project of this size funding needs to be obtained. The funding will go towards the research, production, cinematography, editing, photography, design, copywriters, travel, marketing, printing, and distribution.

Research: employ a team to research the areas we wish to travel to; who we will be filming; what people have made a difference, and the content to make the story come to life.

Production: this includes the film crew, stills crew, producers, location crew, and equipment.

Cinematography and photography: the documentary will be directed by Sean and the photography will be done by Malcolm. As an interesting twist, we will be asking viewers of the Capture Guru to supply their own images of how they see themselves as Africans, for publication in the book.

Editing: employ a team of editors to edit the documentary, as well as the individual I Am African episodes.

Design: employ freelance designers and copywriters for the making of the book.

Travel: travel expenses to the different locations allow for flights, accommodation, vehicle hire, drivers, visas, insurance and meals for all crew.

Marketing: to make a success of this project and to make a difference in the lives of many Africans, we have to get a dynamic sales team on board to market the documentary, the Capture Guru episodes, and the book.

Printing: to cover the cost to print the book and any supporting marketing material. The book will be a hardcover coffee table book, printed on a beautiful paper in full color. We aim for an initial print run of 10,000 copies.

Distribution: this includes the distribution of the documentary as well as the books. We need to get the documentary to the right broadcasters, and the book into the right retail outlets and online sales.


These costs are based on 60 days of filming the documentary and one year to complete the project.

Research and production                                                                           $     62 000

Filming                                                                                                            $   130 000

Photography                                                                                                  $     70 000

Editing                                                                                                              $    38 000

Book                                                                                                                  $   50 000

Travel (shooting on location)                                                                       $   70 000

Marketing                                                                                                         $   40 000

Contingency ( unexpected costs, currency fluctuation etc)                   $   40 000

Total Cost                                                                                                $ 500 000