Malcolm: “The idea for “I am African” was born about 6 years ago when my 7-year old daughter Shaunagh, had to go to school dressed as an African. I came into her room with some “traditional African clothing” for her to wear for the day. Shaunagh refused to wear any of the clothes and after much discussion my 7-year old girl, pointing at her own clothes, said: “I am an African and this is what I wear”. I could not argue with this and she went to school dressed as she wanted to. This drove me to want to tell the story of who we are as Africans and how we as Africans can make a change. We do not need to wait for people of power to instrument change; if we start now and if we do it together, we truly can be the change that we want to see in this world. This is a story that needs to be told to help understand that we are one people with many different cultures; we need to respect our differences but work together. This story is told from an African perspective but rings true to all communities across the world.”

Sean: ” A poem by Barbara Botha, that has always meant so much to me, has been the inspiration to get this project off the ground.”

How do I know that I’m African?

Is it the colour of skin?
Is it the language that I speak?
Or is it the believes of my ancestors?

I know this…

The first breath I took,
was of African air.
The first word I spoke,
Africa heard.
The first step I took,
was on African soil.
Every time my heart beats,
it beats for Africa.

I am African!

Barbara Botha