After many long discussions on how to bring the idea to the world, Sean and Malcolm realized that creating a social media presence was essential to make a difference. With an already established channel & social media pages, The Capture Guru, they decided that developing a channel solely around “I am African” on YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter & Instagram was essential. This to ensure that their message is holistic and they offer a place where the community can come together, making this the ideal platform to launch the documentary and book from.

I Am African will be a Youtube channel which is marketed through all the different social media channels. It will feature Malcolm as the host and the film will be edited by Sean. This is an ideal mechanism to promote the project throughout the making of “I am African” so that when it hits the shelves there will already be an invested community. Investors and viewers will be able to keep up with the progress and be involved, as I Am African will be an interactive platform accompanied by a private group for investors to keep up to date with the project.

By investing in this project, you will be contributing to the making of a documentary and a beautiful coffee table book that will help spread a message of tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of one another. The funding will take care of the production of the entire documentary, the publication of the book and the distribution of the content. It is an opportunity to invest in a project that will make a positive difference in the lives of African people.


Fifty percent of the profits will go towards those people or communities that are trying to make a difference, especially the ones featured in the documentary. So, the more money we raise, the more funds we can put back to support those that are doing great work in our communities. 


A complete breakdown of expenses and funds raised will be available to all investors, to monitor how the funds have been spent and who will be sponsored. Investors will receive great deals on the book, the documentary, and the beautiful artworks from the project, as well as having their name mentioned in the titles and contributor’s sections of the documentary and book.  Together we can make a difference!