“I am an African” allows its audience to get an insight into how Africans feel; for individuals from all different walks of life to show that we are all African; for Africans to express their points of view and for Africans to be heard. Its ultimate goal is to help bring the people of Africa together and to show that it is okay to be different, as long we respect each other’s differences.

We would also like to give exposure to those individuals who are making a difference in their communities and to help them achieve these goals. Even though we are using Africa as the subject, the message applies to people across all communities on all continents. We hope to extend this project very soon across the world because no matter where we come from, we can only be better as a nation and achieve great things if we work together.

Both Sean and Malcolm have vast experience in working in the cinematography and photography industries and have worked on large campaigns that should stand them in good stead for this project. They also have access to the right people to put a project of this magnitude together. It is our aim to employ the citizens of Africa to assist with the making of “I am African”, and to offer opportunities to prospective filmmakers and photographers of those countries in which we film.

Throughout the making of the documentary and the book, you will be kept up to date on how the project is shaping up. You can be involved in the highs and lows of going through this journey with us, and offer your advice and ideas. This will be done through regular “I Am African” episodes where you can write your comments and put forward your ideas. At the end of the project, you will have contributed toward the upliftment of enterprising Africans and receive a heartfelt and meaningful product, which is the result of your investment and encouragement.