As with any project of this nature, there are risks and challenges that we need to overcome: traveling to areas that we are not familiar with; dealing with and working within different infrastructures; carrying of gear and working with changing crew around Africa. We will need to work through all the red tape of filming in different countries while ensuring that the crew and equipment are always safe. For the project to run efficiently, we need to make sure it is adequately financed, properly staffed and that the right suppliers are sourced.

After having been in the industry for many years, we are well aware of the risks involved and know what difficulties we may encounter, which makes us better prepared for the journey ahead. We are fortunate that we have the knowledge and contacts to employ the right personnel to take on the task of producing this great product.

To overcome the risks and challenges we propose taking the following steps:

  1. Employing a qualified production and research team;
  2. Hiring the right crew for the job;
  3. Making sure all documentation, gear and reservations are properly sorted out before leaving for any filming;
  4. Making sure we have the right support teams in place in the countries we are going to;
  5. Employing the services of reputable suppliers;
  6. Making sure the project is properly financed;
  7. Finding sponsors to supplement financial needs.